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heroes_photos's Journal

A Photo Community for NBC's Heroes
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Welcome to heroes_photos, a photograph community for NBC's Heroes, maintained by threestories, your only resource for high quality pictures from Heroes and of the beautiful and talented cast since the March 25th, 2007. A lot of the posts here are available to the public, however exclusive photos will be set to members-only, which will require you to join to view the entry. Feel free to friend the community to be kept up to date with picture posts.

1. No irrelevant or off topic posts. This community is for posting pictures from Heroes or of the Heroes cast only. Take any other sort of posts to another Heroes community.

2. Do not hotlink photos when reposting images elsewhere, or from anywhere else when posting images here.

3. This is very important, whenever reposting images posted in this community remember to credit. If you are reposting images somewhere else on LJ, link back to this community, however if you are reposting on websites, please provide a link back to Kristen-B.com.

4. Please, please, please post all pictures under a cut. About 3 or 4 thumbnail previews are good, but post the rest under an LJ cut.

That is all, enjoy the Heroes prettiness!



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